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Conversational prints are simply fabrics with designs that can start a conversation, so make sure it is your outfit everyone is talking about for the right reasons by choosing a statement piece from our range that will quickly become your wardrobe favourite!

We have a print to suit everyone, from classic stars and butterflies to our new arrivals of flamingos and parrots, that are ideal for those who want to be a bit more adventurous with their style this season.

Anya Madsen Butterfly Print top : £22

Anya Madsen Cherry Print top : was £18 now £13

Bird Print Jersey Dress – Yves Blue : £29

Butterfly Print Blouse – Black : £20

Butterfly Print Blouse – Coral : £20

Flamingo Print Top – Yves Blue : £20

Parrot Print Dress: £29

Petite Bird Print Cover Up : was £28 now £11

Petite Bird Print Top : was £16 now £11

Star Print Dress – Oxblood: £29

Petite Bird Print Blouse : was £30 now £12

Dragonfly Scarf: £12

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Jade Ruddy

Jade Ruddy

Content creative at M&Co adding the pretty pieces to html and keeping our social media fans in the loop. Lover of dresses, cats, rum and the Kardashians – but not always in that order.

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