Meet Our Team: Julia Brown, Garment Technologist

Who are you and what do you do at M&Co?
My name is Julia Brown, and I am a garment technologist on women’s jersey, plus and petite. 

Starsign? Aries

Any nicknames?
I go by the name of Juliagetstattoo in webland – due to the amount of tattoos I have. One of my twitter followers once did a #ff for me that said ‘Julia has more tats than teeth’ and it kind of stuck! 

How did you land a job with M&Co?
I was contacted by an agency in February, when I was still living in Manchester. It was perfect timing as I had been planning on moving back to London for about 6 months previously. I donned my fave wedge boots and power look, hopped on the train to London and the rest, as they say, is history!

Favourite part of your job?
When fit samples come back looking perfect and seeing garments I have worked on in the press!

Least favourite part of your job?
I love my job. My tape measure tattoo is testament to the fact!

What’s your dream job?
Well I sew and love tattoos so perhaps in dreamland a sewing tattoo artist fashionista stylist… 

What’s the one item you can’t live without and why?
My tape measure, it is the tool of my trade. 

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only listen to one song forever and ever. What is it?
Epic by Faith No More

Chocolate or crisps?
Crisps. Pickled onion all the way. 

Flats or heels?
Heels. I have pre-ordered some Jeffrey Campbell ‘Galaxy’ wedges… it will be an amazing day when those bad boys arrive! 

Jeffrey Campbell Galaxy wedges

Tea or coffee?
Tea – Earl Grey. 

Magazines or books?
Toughie – I love a good trashy magazine but my books are my love. 

Favourite cocktail?

The most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn is…
Last year for my birthday I had an Oscars theme. I had three outfit changes and the last one, as an Oscar, was very embarrassing… I wore a full length gold unitard. The boys didn’t know where to look! 

What are you wearing today?
A grey wool maxi skirt, wedge brogue boots and a colour block pleated top. 

What is your favourite M&Co purchase ever?
The top I am wearing today! Such beautiful colours and a lush shape. 

Colour block top

And the one item you’ll be buying from the current collection?
I really like the simplicity of the Breton stripe tops – the red one is so lovely, it’ll work well with jeans!

Breton stripe top

If you had to pick a highlight of your time with M&Co so far it would be…
Well I’ve not been here that long, but I went to a supplier party last night which was good fun. I didn’t realise I could still do a kart-wheel… 

Any tips for working in the fashion industry?
I studied printed textiles and my first job was as a design admin assistant – so I would say get yourself out there and don’t be put off by small companies. If I hadn’t got that very underpaid job I wouldn’t be where I am now, as it gave me the boost to push myself in my career and move forward!

Joanne Wilkinson

Joanne Wilkinson

Online editor, blogger, email marketer, graphic designer and creative copywriter at M&Co. Fashion magazines, American soap operas, loud music, cocktails, sunshine and red lipstick are just some of the things that make me happy.

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