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Danielle-VanierName Danielle Vanier

Age 26

Location London

Starsign Taurus

Introduce us to your blog… http://daniellevanier.tumblr.com My blog is dedicated to fa(t)shion. Being a plus size lady, I wanted to share my love of fashion and help inspire other women to wear what they want and to experiment with their style. I also touch on my love of hip hop, makeup, fashion trends, vintage clothes/accessories and my day-to-day life living in London with my fabulous friends.

What made you decide to start blogging? I’ve always loved fashion. I studied Fashion Textiles and I’ve always worked within the industry. I love experimenting with looks and drenching myself in accessories. I’ve followed a handful of blogs for a number of years, but last October I decided to start my own. I have established myself as a blogger through social networking sites such as Instagram and Tumblr but I am looking forward to starting a “proper” blog in the next few weeks! Watch this space…

What’s your biggest achievement in the blogosphere? I haven’t been blogging for very long at all but I have already had such a fantastic response from people and have connected with so many different people across the globe.  There are a few things that have stood out for me; inspiring women on a daily basis is amazing, being contacted by a Designer based in New York and being offered a made to measure dress, making new friends… but being invited to a bloggers event for a High Street store last month has to be my highlight. I felt so honoured to be there.

Where do you look for inspiration when writing posts? It’s possibly quite a clichéd answer but I can be inspired by absolutely anything and everything. I have always loved putting outfits together myself and have thankfully found it relatively easy to dress my larger figure. I know this is not the case for many bigger girls, that’s why I hope that my daily outfit posts help inspire other people. I can be inspired by the latest catwalk trends, vintage looks, films, friends, other bloggers, celebrities. I like to be daring. I might look back and laugh at an outfit, but I don’t ever really regret what I chose to wear. If I liked it on that occasion, I must have felt confident in it… so why regret that choice?

Is blogging your day job or do you have another occupation? Blogging is not my day job, no. I would LOVE to blog on a full time basis in the future but unfortunately my rent won’t pay for itself. I am a freelance textile designer and I am also an artistic director of a media company. We are launching an online soap opera this year. Once a week I also attend Rainbows where I am a leader. My name is Mrs Badger and I love entertaining the 6 year olds. They find my lipstick choices fascinating!

Any favourite blogs/bloggers? I have tonnes… I couldn’t possibly mention them all but one of my favourite bloggers has to be Callie Thorpe. We have become very close since I became a fellow plus size blogger, we have so many things in common, it’s actually quite scary! Take a look at her blog – http://www.fromthecornersofthecurve.com

I also follow these blogs and look at them on a daily basis.

http://nadiaaboulhosn.com – This is a lady with incredible fashion sense.

http://www.gabifresh.com – The first blog that I started to follow on a regular basis by a plus size lady who oozes style and confidence.

http://www.ontheqtrain.com  – Quirky, eccentric, confident. This girl has got it going on!

Boutique printed dress £55

Tell us about your style? Eclectic! One day I will wear a cutesy outfit and the next I will channel my love of hip hop and wear something a bit more edgy. I like to be daring and feel really confident in a printed bodycon dress. I like to flaunt my curves… why hide them under layers and layers of fabric? I am addicted to mixing black, gold and leopard print together and never leave the house without lashings of bright lipstick on!

Leopard print blouse was £29 now £20.30

What’s the one piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without? I have two favourites. One is a brightly printed, vintage Escada jacket that I picked up in Stockholm for under a tenner and the other is a black jacket that I bought years and years ago. I lost it recently and nearly had a panic attack but luckily my friend found it and I was reunited with it!

Who are your style icons? Stephanie Zwicky, a plus size blogger from France. Her style is impeccable. I also admire the designer Vivienne Westwood for her eccentric taste in fashion.

Share a style tip with us…Wear what ever makes you feel happy and don’t be put off by the letter or number on a label. If you like a piece of clothing, pick it up and try it on or put it in your online basket and order it. What’s the worst that can happen? I am a size 18/20 but can often leave a shop with a size 14/16 garment!

How would you describe our style? M&Co cater for a huge selection of women. I can shop in your stores and my Mum, who also loves fashion, regularly shops in M&Co, as the styles suit women of all ages and body types. The cut of your garments is very flattering and you stock an excellent selection of basic pieces as well as on trend items.

Flock spot prom dress £49

What’s your favourite piece from our current collections? The flock spot prom dress  that I am wearing in the picture shown is one of my favourite dresses that I have EVER bought. Every time I wear it someone compliments me and I feel really special in it. I also love the sleeveless floral peplum top.  The peplum hides a multitude of sins and that print… I love it!

Floral peplum top £24.50

Do you prefer to shop online or in-store and why? I’m pretty much addicted to any form of shopping! Online is convenient and the Internet offers a wider selection of plus size clothes, but I also love doing the real thing. Heading to your local shops and trying things on is really enjoyable. When you see a garment in real life, it’s easier to tell if it will fit or not.

The one trend you’ll be wearing this season is… I tend to wear what I want and when I want to but there’s no escaping the monochrome trend this Spring/Summer and I have already given my bank card a good hammering. Your online trend called Monochrome has a great selection of shirts and dresses that I can’t wait to purchase. 

Shop the trend – Monochrome
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