Work It #5: An interview with Kat Griffin founder of Corporette

Kat Griffin is the founder and editor of Corporette. In the final instalment of Work It, we’ve asked her how she’d take the perfect boardroom outfit out after a long day on Wall Street.


What factors would you consider whilst searching for a smart work, interview or meeting dress that could make the transition to after-work drinks or events?

I would look for something flattering but (for the office) not too low cut, tight, etc, etc.  Sometimes simple is best — with just a few accessory changes you can take a little black dress to work (with pearls, a blazer, and classic pumps) and then out (ditch the blazer, add a statement necklace, and maybe some strappy sandals).



How would you jazz it up post-5pm? Is there anything specific that you would include in your handbag to add to the outfit when you finish work?

Sometimes a different bra can work wonders! Whether you want something lacier or with more of a push-up vibe, it can change the way you move and feel in the same outfit.  But for work, I generally recommend a full coverage t-shirt bra that doesn’t show beneath your clothes.  Sparkly, dangly earrings can be too distracting for the workday, but really make a difference to your after-work outfit

I’m also always a fan of a smoky eye, which can be easy to add when you’re touching up your makeup before you go out.

Also, if you’re not wearing a dress, I find one of the best ways to signify to yourself that the workday is over is to put on a pair of jeans for the evening, or something else you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) wear to work.

M&Co dresses for work

This Red Floral Print Dress would look great with pearls or a statement necklace in a fun colour, and the Printed Wrap Dress is a very flattering shape for all figures.

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Nicola Mercer

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