Body Shape Special: The Hourglass


Lorna, the fashion blogger behind Raindrops of Sapphire gave us some tips to choose a dress for the classic hour glass figure;

When you shop for party dresses, what do you look for? The main thing I look for in a party dress is the colour or print, mixed with the fit. First of all I see something that I am attracted to, and then I check to see if the shape of it would suit my figure, if it doesn’t, I put it back. It’s all about getting the right combination to me, nothing is better than an amazing print or colour mixed with the perfect fit, you can’t go wrong!

What advice would you give for someone choosing a party dress with an hour glass shape? Definitely make sure that the neckline is cut into a V shape, so it draws attention down to the chest area. Wrap dresses are perfect for this! The next thing is to make sure it’s nipped in at the waist, wrap dresses also work well here as well, but so do dresses with an elasticated waistband or a fitted silhouette. The best advice I can give is to look at the dress on the hanger, if it has the hourglass shape to it, then it should look good. You want to avoid any boxy or straight cut dresses as they won’t flatter the figure. Nipped in waists, a V neck and a floaty section for the skirt, these will compliment the figure perfectly.

ssAre there any dresses in particular that you love? There are two dresses I found on M&Co for the hourglass figure, one of them is this gorgeous Red Ruffle Front dress. The shape of it is perfect; it has a lower neckline which is wrapped over, a nipped in waist and a nicer skirt to it. The ruffles on the side will also help balance out the proportions, it’s a great cut, plus the red is so striking, everyone loves a red dress. I also found this printed  Flower Shutter dress, which will look amazing on the hourglass. It’s got the same details I look for, a V neck and a nipped in waist and the print of it is gorgeous! I love the green and blue together.

Are there any fashion disasters you do your best to avoid? Absolutely! I adore the look of smock or tunic tops, they look so pretty when worn with skinny jeans, but because I have a larger bust area, they look absolutely ridiculous on me. They make me look larger than I am and square, so even though I love them, I have to avoid them. Not everything can suit everyone unfortunately.


ggWe have more advice from Rachel Montague-ebbs, editor in chief of home, fashion and lifestyle magazine, Lady M Presents, about selecting party dresses for an hour glass figure;

Tell us your thoughts when styling a party dress for the hour glass figureNipped in waist, beautiful bust and sexy hips? Yay you, little miss hourglass! Now how to shop for your figure. body con dresses are your friend – showing off your curves in all the right places.  As are shift dresses, sleeveless is best if you’re comfortable with your arms on show.

Your figure totally works with the still, every present 1950s trend.  Think Betty Draper from Mad Men.  Go for a floral print (so Spring/summer) in a nipped in waist, capped sleeve and pleated full skirt. Not necessarily party dress but perfect for weddings, summer events etc.

From M&Co I’d choose the Bodycon floral shutterdress for the hourglass figure. I love the style and the print! Team with black heels or a dark blue suede wedge and a black tote for day or a clashing neon pink clutch for night. Be brave and choose this punchy colour, the layering of the skirt breaks up the print and the hourglass figure will work fabulously, showing off all your best bits!

When you shop for party dresses, what do you look for? Something different, stand out from the crowd, go for colour, print, embellishment but keep the detail low key. A party dress should see you though a few parties, especially in today’s economic climate so don’t go too “on trend” with something that will look out of place next year.

Are there any fashion disasters you do your best to avoid? Keep it simple. Don’t mix too many trends together, know what works for you and create your own style  Then you will avoid disasters.

Check back tomorrow for another blogger’s guide on how to dress if you’re an apple shape.

Nicola Mercer

Nicola Mercer

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