Body Shape Special: The Rectangle


And finally, we have a few tips of our own from Website Content Assistant Jenny to help find a fabulous dress for a rectangular body shape.

Otherwise known as ‘athletic’ or ‘boyish’; this figure has shoulders and hips that are around the same width. This is accompanied with long arms and legs, for those with similar figures to Keira Knightley and Gwyneth Paltrow.

What to look for…

Choosing a dress for this body shape is all about what will showcase your best features and give you shape where you feel you need it.

Soft fabrics and feminine patterns such as floral prints help soften a boxy shape giving it a feminine look. Choose a style that nips in around your waist to help show off your slender figure and create an hourglass curve.

Frills are a great feature to look out for on a dress as they add instant, girly volume!

M&Co Dresses for Rectangle ShapesOur picks…

This Bluebell Floral Tea dress is perfect for the rectangle figure. The floral print style that cinches the waist and is perfect for creating a feminine silhouette that sits nicely just below the knee. The detail around the neckline and arms draw attention from the top to the bottom of the body and soften the shoulders.  We can see Kate Middleton wearing this dress as it is perfect for evening parties and social events!

Similarly, the Lace Top Skater dress has a waistband that will give instant illusion of curves. The elegant lace makes this dress perfect for parties in the run up to Christmas – complete the look with a statement necklace to be the belle of the ball!


Jenny Morning

Jenny Morning

Jenny is our kidswear content assistant, keeping you in the loop when it comes to trends for the little ones. After studying fashion for 5 years, she has a major shopping addiction as well as a slightly unhealthy obsession with TV show Dexter. She loves dogs (even though she doesn’t have one…yet!) and wishes she had more time to draw and paint (in between shopping trips).

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