Kidswear: Top 10 Spooktacular Halloween Tips!

With the clocks going back and darker nights setting in it can only mean one thing – Halloween is upon us! Your little ones are probably planning on trick or treating and eating as many sweets as possible, so here’s our top ten Halloween tips to pass on to your kids when they’re trick or treating this year…

1. Have a great costume

Of course Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a great costume! Maybe your kids are very creative and love making their own costumes…? Never fear! Here at M&Co we have some great character costumes such as Little Miss Sunshine and Thomas the Tank Engine that we know they will love. Remember, better costumes always get better treats…

2. Choose a bag with the most potential

The bag is a vital part of collecting treats. It needs to be big enough to fit all of their treats and easy to carry – so think wisely! A rucksack or drawstring bag are perfect or if you’re feeling particularly ambitious maybe they could take a wheeled suitcase!? Always take an extra bag… just in case.  And if you’re the one who will be landed with the carrying of the sweets why not keep it stylish with a new black rucksack?

3. Think carefully about where you visit

Have a think… What would you rather? Monkey nuts or chocolate? Jelly sweets or fruit? Try to remember where you visited last year, what they gave you and work out where you want to go this year. It’s all about getting the best treats after all!

4. Do a treat trade off

You know the scenario – your kid hates monkey nuts but their best friend loves them. So why not do a trade off!? In the end, they’ll both be happy and there’ll be no unwanted treats for you to throw in the bin afterwards.

5. Have a good party piece

Now, you can’t expect treats to be handed over in exchange for nothing. Plan in advance a great party piece to impress your neighbours, friends and family with. Maybe you could get your kids and their friends to team up and perform a group piece? The more thought you put into it beforehand, the better the treats will be and the more fun everyone will have!

6. Be polite

You’ve got the great costume, you’ve got the perfect bag, you know exactly where you’re visiting and the party piece has been rehearsed to perfection, but all of that will get you nowhere on the treats front if they forget they’re manners. Remind the little ones to say their please and thank yous when knocking on doors this year!

7. Time it wisely 

The earlier you go the better the treats – but go too early and there might be no one home! Make a time plan of the best time to start and the best time to finish. Remember, some families might have small children who go to bed early so don’t go too late – you might also miss out on the treats if you’re too late! If a house has its lights off it usually means Halloween is over for them so move onto the next house.

8. Get your own house a Halloween makeover 

Get in to the spooky spirit by getting your own house in order too! You might go all out and decorate your house from top to toe or you might just want to create an eerie atmosphere with some candles. Just remember not to place any candles next to anything flammable!

9. Don’t let them eat too many sweets!

Now you have all those treats the first thing they’ll want to do is eat them all, of course! A few on Halloween is fine but don’t let them eat too many and encourage them to brush their teeth afterwards – you don’t want an unnecessary stint as the Halloween tooth fairy… Plus, if they eat them all in one go the novelty of the occasion soon wears off. Encourage them to stockpile their goodies for playtime treats over the next few weeks at school.

10. Stay safe

If your little one is old enough to go with friends plan a route for them to take so you know where to find them if anything should go wrong. Make sure they stick together, preferably arrange a time for them to come home and don’t allow them to stop at unfamiliar households.

Jenny Morning

Jenny Morning

Jenny is our kidswear content assistant, keeping you in the loop when it comes to trends for the little ones. After studying fashion for 5 years, she has a major shopping addiction as well as a slightly unhealthy obsession with TV show Dexter. She loves dogs (even though she doesn’t have one…yet!) and wishes she had more time to draw and paint (in between shopping trips).

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