Baby’s First Christmas: Tips and Traditions


Your baby’s first Christmas is a great milestone in their life. Whether you yourself are a parent or the little one is a member of your family, it is a time you will never forget and a point to start creating memories and traditions that will last for years to come!

Here’s our list of top ideas to make your baby’s first Christmas an extra special one:

Decorate the Tree4809394_natural_p_l

Making a family tradition of decorating the tree can be great fun for everyone and really get your household into the Christmas spirit! Why not give your little one their first Christmas bauble for them to hang on the tree such as our hanging owl decoration or hanging squirrel decoration? They add great character to any tree!

Take Lots of Pictures

Your baby’s first Christmas is an important one so make sure you have your camera out and are taking lots of pictures! As well as on Christmas day itself you could also think about taking them to see Santa. Getting their first picture taken with Santa might not be something they remember but it is something that you and your family can cherish for years to come! It might even give some funny pictures of your little one looking bewildered as to who the man in the red suit is!

Start a Christmas Pyjama Tradition

As a baby your little one probably won’t have a clue what Christmas is yet but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great time to start a tradition! In a couple of years it will be a struggle to get them to sleep on Christmas Eve so why not start a Christmas pyjama tradition? On the night before Christmas, round about their bedtime, Santa could drop an early present of snuggly PJs on their bed before he sets off on his sleigh around the world. This should encourage them to get into their pyjamas and get into bed in preparation for Christmas morning. Have a look at our great sleepwear for baby girls and baby boys for some ideas!

3732029_pink_p_l 3732037_navy_p_l

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Their First Christmas Party

At some point or another your little one will be attending a Christmas party, so there’s no better excuse to invest in their first party outfit! We’ve got a great range of partywear for for babies, perfect for the party season. Or have a look at our Christmas outfit ideas, great for gift and partywear inspiration!

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Buy a Keepsake3309584_white_p_l

A keepsake is something they can treasure for years to come and is a fantastic way to remember the day. Whether it is something simple such as baby’s first Christmas bib or baby’s first Christmas socks, keepsakes make great gifts for any baby’s first Christmas and are great stocking fillers too!

Enjoy Yourself

However you celebrate Christmas your baby’s first is an exciting and happy memory so enjoy it! If you’re still looking for gift ideas, take a look at our Christmas shop or our newborn gift guide for plenty more great gift inspiration this Christmas.

Jenny Morning

Jenny Morning

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