Dresses Through The Ages: The Grooving ’70s

The Grooving ’70s

Lana, beauty blogger at Fashion FakeWe spoke to Lana, the fashion and beauty blogger behind Fashion Fake with a keen interest in ’70s fashion, who told us why the decade was unlike any other!

Who are your style icons of the ’70s?  

I would have to say Stevie Nicks – she had the hippie vibe which is my favourite trend of the ’70s with floral prints and tassels, Jerry Hall because of her timeless glamour and signature red lips and Debbie Harry, who carries on to influence trends up to this day with her rock chick style.

Jerry Hall
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How do you think the iconic trends of the ’70s have influenced fashion today? 

Flares have made a huge comeback in denim and cord with the high street jumping on the band wagon as soon as the trend was showcased, as well as prints: Missoni prints and designs are hugely inspired by the classic ’70s trends. This season we saw a revival of full midi skirts and crop tops which was an iconic trend in the era, Dior has taken a softer approach to the trend by using pastel colours and soft fabrics. The revival of the jumpsuit has been one of the most successful trends with a variety of styles, fabrics and both high street and top end names selling their products out fast.

Are there any dresses on the M&Co site that you would use to style a ’70s inspired outfit?

The Velour Batwing Dress takes inspiration from the era and would look beautiful worn with a statement necklace or flashy earrings.

The Cut Out Evening Maxi Dress pays homage to the ’70s  hippie chic vibe; choose a maxi dress in glamorous jewel tones to channel a ’70s boho look! 

M&Co party dresses

The ’70s was an era full of extreme fashion trends. Which one was your favourite?

I love the loose leg jumpsuits – I think they can be dressed up or down depending on occasion! The headscarf is a tricky trend for some to pull off, but when done well it looks great and adds a touch of ’70s glamour to your look. I also love, love, love maxi dresses! It’s very difficult to go wrong with one in my eyes.

 And are there any that you would avoid? 

Tight jumpsuits in metallic colours. I hope they never make a comeback, the trend is too space age and not a flattering look.

Overall, the ’70s showed us a variety of trends with a highlight on hippie chic and evening glamour, and carries on to inspire designers today. From festival looks to holiday jewels, I can see this trend sticking around for a long time. So stock up on your wide leg jumpsuits, oversized shades and most definitely maxi dresses to enjoy the feel of an era where a carefree attitude was best!

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