Dresses Through The Ages: The Bright ’90s

The Bright ’90s

From plaid and tartan, to bold floral prints with generous lashings of denim, the ’90s look has certainly conquered the catwalk and the high street all over again this year.

claire1Claire Johnson is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger at Sitting Pretty who grew up in the 1990s, and whose style still emulates the era today. We asked her about her favourite nineties looks and inspiration.

Who or what do you class as your ’90s inspiration and style icons?

I would say all the classic TV shows, films and bands from when I was growing up. I was born in 1989 so my childhood revolved around getting home from school and watching my favourites like Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Sister, Sister on the television. I also loved groups such as TLC and the Spice Girls, and Clueless was the ultimate ’90s teen chick flick.

TLC had an effortless ’90s style that was also quite powerful and masculine. I also love the girls from Friends. Rachel’s style is so on trend right now, with her mom jeans and crop tops!

Jennifer Aniston
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I loved the bright and fun aspect of ’90s fashion. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air was such an amazing show for fashion inspiration, with all the wacky snapbacks and printed bomber jackets teamed with denim shorts.

The ’90s was a time when some rather bold and unconventional fashion statements took centre stage. We’ve all made an embarrassing ’90s fashion faux pas: what was yours?  

I went through a phase of wearing those plastic black chokers and arm bands, which I look back on and cringe, and I sometimes wore the most oversized collars you’ve ever seen!


For your own ’90s look, we think the beige cord shift dress (available in berry, too) adds a touch more class to a functional working wardrobe, a la Rachel from Friends. Pair it with some semi-sheer black tights and leather boots, and it’s perfect for the office as well as a winter weekend outfit.

The shape of this velour skater dress channels the feminine party style we all remember fondly from the ’90s, making it an elegant yet fun choice for a special occasion.


M&Co also loves the ‘rocker’ look that was equally as popular during the mid-nineties. This casual checked shirt worn open over a dress, teamed with 10 denier black tights and boots, or simply with jeans is the perfect relaxed look

Jade Ruddy

Jade Ruddy

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