Dresses Through The Ages: The Noughties

The Noughties

The culmination of the 20th century brought about a style revival from previous eras with vintage becoming the defining look of the decade.

Fashion icons Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung championed a rock ‘n’ roll bohemian look inspired by the ’60s and ’70s, while young musicians Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse revived the retro ’50s pin-up look by pairing their prom dresses with trainers and gold jewellery.

The resurgence of the ’50s style prom dress as a wardrobe must-have was also largely thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex And The City character Carrie Bradshaw meandering round Manhattan sidewalks wearing one.

M&Co Prom Party Dress

Spice Girl turned fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, brought an unrivalled glamour to Noughties style with polished perfection becoming her signature look both on the catwalk and off it.

She famously referred to the airport as her runway, due to the amount of photographers clamouring for a shot as she breezed through international departure lounges, and no one epitomises jet set style more than VB. If we thought that bodycon dresses and 6 inch heels weren’t suitable for travelling in, Mrs Beckham disproved that fashion myth and then some.

We asked Elle, the fashion enthusiast behind Elle Choi for her thoughts on the trends that have shaped the 21st century.

Elle Choi


Who are you style icons of the last 10 years?

I have always loved Victoria Beckham for her style. She has such a strong confidence about her that resonates through her fashion as well. Not only did she make a name for herself as a fashionista, she took that into something bigger by creating her own clothing line. I’m a big fan of women of power and women with confidence. I think that’s extremely respectable and very attractive. Not to mention, I’m a huge fan of her sophisticated, feminine style.

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What has been your favourite trend over the last 10 years?

It’s hard to pick one and say “this is my favourite trend” since there are so many trends that pass through every year, four times a year. However, one thing that I do love about the post-millennial years is that women are bolder in their fashion statements and unafraid. Some trends that embody these characteristics are sheer mesh insets, cut-outs and sequins. Sequins are so fun and I love anything that sparkles, but cut-outs are so sexy. But remember to do everything in moderation!



Sequin party dresses at M&Co

Would you be able to pick out a party dress that you think encompasses the post-millennium style?

This Sequin tunic dress is great because of the mesh sleeves. There’s nothing sexier than showing just enough to make him curious. Add some sparkly studs and a cocktail ring to complete the look!

I also love the Bonded lace dress because of the bold colour and the cutouts in the neckline. For a party, I’d pair this dress with some strappy sandals and chandelier earrings. On the flipside, you can even wear this dress to work with some pointy pumps, a blazer and your hair slicked back into a sleek bun. Versatility in a dress is awesome, isn’t it?


And are there any that you would avoid in the future?

I would avoid tie-dye and acid wash denim. Though they were kind of starting to make a comeback, I don’t think they were popular enough to fully make it as a fashion trend. I personally am not a fan of the two styles so I hope I won’t have to see them in the future!



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