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Happy New Year! This year we thought we’d come up some new year’s resolutions that we may actually stick with and so we asked a few of our favourite bloggers for some ideas on how we can make this year our best yet…

Jilly is a freelance makeup artist and beautiful face behind Kirei Makeup. She has given us an insight into her New Year’s Resolutions and a little inspirational advice to help our faces beat the January blues!

What is your 2014 New Year’s resolution?

My new year’s resolution is to at least complete one 5K run!

Do you have any bad beauty habits you need to change or break?

I am guilty of biting my dry lips in the winter. I’m not a big fan of balms or any lip products in general (except for red/pink lipstick), so I try to avoid wearing lip balms as much as I can. However, I’ve been good lately ever since I found out about the mint-flavoured EOS lip balm!

Do you have any advice for someone wanting a fresh start this New Year?

Never Give Up! Instead of trying to keep the new year resolution for the whole year, you should try to do monthly resolutions. That way you are less likely to ditch your resolution. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, instead of saying “I’ll exercise and lose 30lbs by the end of year”, you should say “For January I want to be able to run for 30mins non-stop 4x a week.” 

Also, write your resolution down, put it up on a place where you can see every day. Take a look at it at the end of every month, and see if you’ve done anything to reach it.

You have some amazing bridal, engagement, editorial and theatre projects that you work on – do you have any advice for someone wanting to start a career on the same path?

Oh, thank you for the kind words! Hmmm, I think for anyone who wants to start any new career, just remember to always remain humble, and that we are not better than anyone. There’s always something new to learn every day from everyone. When time is rough, just keep a smile on your face and remember why you choose this career in the first place!

If you want to work as a makeup artist, know that there’s a lot of competition in the field. Hone your skill through practice! Work on everyone! At first there’ll be a lot of volunteer, or TFP (Time for Print) works, but that’s ok! That’s how you’ll build connection and portfolio. Always practice, practice, practice! Practice blending eye shadows, practice matching foundation to different skin tones, practice filling in eyebrows, practice! Lastly, if you are not sure, ask questions!

Are there any beauty trends that you love at the minute or are predicted for 2014 that you’re looking forward to?

I love all the spring 2014 beauty trends, from the soft berry lips to neon orange lips, the bright colourful eyes (copper, blue, green etc.), or white ethereal lids. 

However, I have to say that despite all, I still love the glowing skin trend. Keeping your skin glowing, esp. in this winter weather makes you look youthful and your skin will look very healthy! Once you nailed having a glowing skin, any makeup would look great!

I think a glowing skin would work on any of the dresses on the website. The Lace and Mesh Prom Dress would look excellent with an up-do, as well as a glowing skin makeup. If you are going to wear this, you can keep your makeup to the bare minimum. Add a pinch of blush, and berry lip stain on the lips. Tres chic!

prom dresses at M&Co

We have paired this gorgeous dress together with some black and gold earrings that your up-do will show off. Wear these with the Ribbed peplum jacket and we guarantee you will be the belle of the ball!

Some beauty New Year’s resolutions

The post-Christmas lull can be the perfect time to laze around putting all of those gorgeous pamper products you got for Christmas to the test. But come February, when the products have ran out, life is back to normal and the winter blues are still raging, it’s hard to return to your bad beauty habits. Here are some 2014 beauty resolutions that won’t break the bank:

  • Drink water! Just like flowers, if we aren’t properly watered, our minds and bodies wilt.  We can’t stress enough how important, and how easy it is to get your eight glasses a day, every day. Your skin, hair, digestive system, energy levels and mind will all thank you.


  • Don’t be afraid of bright lipstick. Buy yourself a shocking pink or hot red and feel the difference it makes when you walk out of the house in it! Lipstick suits everyone and makes a massive change.


  • Walk. Walk to work, to the shop, to friends’ houses and in the countryside on Sundays – just whenever you can. We’re not saying you need to jog, run, hike or cover extremely long distances in the name of getting fit – although that would be a great end goal. This is more about how much the fresh air and exercise can blow the cobwebs away and brighten up your skin. Think brighter eyes and rosy cheeks!


  • Clean out your makeup bag regularly – you wouldn’t prepare food on dirty surfaces and you wouldn’t wear unwashed clothes – the same should apply to your makeup kit. It’s easy to forget just how many germs your makeup bag can harbour, which can cause nasty bouts of acne and other skin impurities. Make sure you wash your makeup-up brushes and sponges once every few weeks. There are all manner of expensive products made specifically for this purpose on the market but the easiest trick is warm water and baby shampoo.


  • Wear SPF30 all year round – you can’t just worry about sun burn when you’re on holiday – even in cold, winter climates the sun can damage your skin. Beat the wrinkles by investing in a foundation with sun protection in.


  • Style your hair and cleanse your face before bed each night – if you can successfully resolve to set your alarm for twenty minutes earlier each morning throughout 2014, in order to concentrate more on your appearance, good for you. Please tell us your secret! If you’re always exhausted in the morning, make sure you straighten, curl or and always blow dry your hair before bed each evening, leaving you to get that extra beauty sleep and wake up fresh.
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