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Credit crunch chic
Amie Kewley is a 30 year old fashion and lifestyle blogger from the South West of England. Credit Crunch Chic came about 4 years ago when we were all trying to stay stylish at the height of the credit crunch.

“I love styling and putting outfits and looks together, browsing websites for inspiration, and charity shopping for vintage bargains! I also enjoy customising and reworking pieces I’ve bought to make them more individual. I have quite a quirky style which I try to interpret in an elegant way. I have a passion for beautiful coats and jackets and vintage shoes, of which I have quite a collection!”

What is your big 2014 New Year’s Resolution?
I always try to make achievable resolutions every year such as, to eat more healthily or to be more frugal – but this year I’d like to set myself the task of writing a novel, which is something I have always wanted to do. I plan to write and develop it over the 12 months of 2014 and I am hoping by this time next year I’ll have a decent piece of work! I love to write but deciding to write a novel is a daunting task, so I am hoping to break it down month by month to make it more achievable!

Do you have any bad fashion habits you need to break?

I am a terribly impulsive shopper which is often an expensive habit. I try to buy quality items that I know will last, but when I’m in a charity shop, if I see something I like, I always buy it, even if I then end up not wearing it. I’ve learnt from bitter experience that if you leave something to go back to, it’ll no doubt be gone! However this does mean I end up with lots of things that I loved at the time, but have now gone off!

So I’ve decided I must be less impulsive and if I don’t actually need something in my wardrobe (i.e, another black blazer!) then I must exercise some willpower and just not buy it!

You’re really active, with a wide and varied range of interesting hobbies: does this directly benefit your lifestyle in a positive way?

I am very active and I think it’s important to train your body in order to get the best from it. Since moving to the city I haven’t been able to indulge in surfing as I used to, which was and continues to be a huge passion of mine. I love being in the water and the feeling of freedom you get from riding a wave. Also it’s a total body workout and it is so much fun, even in the middle of winter in boots, gloves and a hood! I mainly enjoy keeping fit through yoga and Pilates which really help to strengthen and lengthen the muscles.

I am passionate about ballroom dancing and I take part in weekly classes. It’s so exciting to be able to learn steps, and a routine, and then to be able to watch Strictly on a Saturday evening and think, ‘I know that!’ or ‘I can do that!’ Dance itself has loads of health benefits, it’s improved my posture and muscle tone no end!

I certainly think that keeping fit and active, whether that’s through dance, walking, running, gymnastics, swimming, surfing, is imperative to keeping your energy levels up and your mind focused. I feel I can get the best out of my day if I feel fit and I have energy, which being active definitely helps to bring. I also think it’s really important to have hobbies outside of work that you can enjoy, it’s great to have some time to yourself to indulge in something that you really like to do and it’s crucial to helping you to relax and unwind.

What 2014 fashion trends are you most looking forward to?

Florals will be back for spring in a big way and I’m excited that they are the punchy, tropical kind as opposed to the more whimsical, ditsy prints so common for spring.

I am also excited for clean crisp lines in the form of sacky tunic dresses and simple shift shapes, and I’ve read that the collarless jacket is said to be the new shape to covet, which is thrilling because that’s a shape I love!

Peter pan collar shift dress £26

Boutique lace and check shift dress £69

shift dresses at M&Co

As always, I am so keen on texture and I’m super excited about all the new fabric trends, especially gorgeous silks and also boucle fabrics in springtime colours!


Boucle v neck jumper £16

Square neck boucle jumper £16

Zip sleeve boucle jumper £18


Some fashion New Year’s resolutions we can all follow:

  • Less black – yes, black is undoubtedly the key to any functional wardrobe – flattering, understated, an elegant blank canvas. But why not aim to buy four garments of a less-muted colour this year? Invest in florals for spring, something striking for your holidays or a bright work dress and see how many compliments you get!

Royal blue fit and flare dress £39

Magenta fit and flare dress £39


  • Dedicate a few hours to finding old gems in your wardrobe – We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time – depressing right? So why not dig everything out, rearrange it in a way that makes everything more visible and plan outfits using items you haven’t worn in forever? You’ll feel as good as new.


  • Recycle the rest – Any closet clutter you know you won’t wear again for the foreseeable future needs to be sold or sent to the charity shop. Ebay, Music Magpie, even offering it to your friends for a small price – all the proceeds can go towards that dream holiday in 2014.


  • Invest in new underwear – It’s easy to disregard the delicates during a long, cold winter when you’re bundled up in your woollies and onesies. Your underwear may not be on show when you’re in public, but it’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off, forming the basis of our everyday attire – so make sure you give it a good overhaul this January and treat yourself to something a bit less Bridget Jones-esque. 
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