FIFA World Cup 2014: Top 10 Facts

The FIFA World Cup kicks off today so we’ve got 4 full weeks of football taking over our screens, whether we like it or not!

We’ve done our research to bring you all you need to know about the big event, so if you’re planning to bluff your way through the games, you’ve come to the right place! You don’t need to be a football super fan to get involved, simply ‘talk the talk’ and you will glide your way through every game.

One thing we have discovered is that footballers can top any diva demand… Here’s our top ten fun facts about this year’s World Cup:

  1. Topping the diva charts are three-time winners, Germany. The German camp refused to stay in the accommodation provided for the event, even when every diva demand would have been accommodated. Oh no, the German team took it one step further and built their very own hotel and training camp near the event. Now they definitely are travelling in style!
  2. Although they didn’t go as far as building their own specialised camp, the French side did demand two types of soap in each hotel room…
  3. However, no Scandinavian teams made outrageous demands as none of them are competing in the tournament this year!
  4. The Argentinian side hold the record for the most yellow cards in the competition’s history, with a total of 64 in 88 games. Tut tut boys!
  5. Although, there should be no arguments this year as this is the first year ever that goal-line technology is in operation.
  6. Talking of goals, Brazil’s Ronaldo might lose his record of 15 World Cup goals if any of this year’s strikers are on top form.
  7. Bosnia & Herzegovina will compete in the tournament for the first time this year.
  8. Host nation Brazil is the only country to have competed in every World Cup and they’ve lifted the trophy five times – more than any other nation.
  9. Although they might get to lift the cup again this year,  it won’t be the real one that they take home. The original prize for winning the World Cup was the Jules Rimet Trophy but, having being stolen twice and never recovered, FIFA are slightly more cautious with the Jules Rimet’s replacement. These days, the winning team are given a gold-plated replica version of the trophy to take home.
  10. Whoever lifts the gold at the end of this year’s tournament will be one of the final countries to be engraved on the base of the trophy before it gets replaced on the tournament’s 100-year anniversary in 2030.

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