Staycation vs Vacation: Blogger Debate

Let the debate commence… This week, we have let two of our favourite bloggers debate the summer topic of, staycation vs vacation!

We all have different holiday preferences, but with our British summer looking set to be the hottest on record, are you considering a staycation? Or do the tropical beaches top the British seaside everytime? We are going to weigh up the pros and cons for you, with a little help from our friends!


Sarah JonesFirst up… The lovely Sarah from Sarah Speaks.

“The UK is so beautiful and there’s so much to do here. Yes the weather is ever-changing, but if there’s one thing the British know how to do, its how to have a good time in the rain!

Just pack a good parka like this one  for emergencies and you’re good to go. A good pair of jeans can take you through the day to night time so jeans like this are the first to go in my case. Also, a colourful Kimono is great to throw on to make a simple outfit pop and gives little more protection if there’s a chill in the air.”

summer dresses
Lightweight parka jacket I Jewelled statement necklace I Tropical print kimono I Midwash slim fit jeans

Plus,  “The best thing about a staycation- no weight limit on luggage!”

We agree there, the thought of limiting our luggage allowance to 20kg or below is a major negative.

Don’t forget, even when the good old British weather isn’t on your side, there are still plenty of relaxing and fun activities to do. Here are our Top 5:

  • Head to the nearest spa
  • Have a much deserved long lie
  • Rent a car and explore the local area
  • Book a table in the poshest restaurant
  • Find the best cocktail bar in town


Hello TashaThere are definitely a lot of plus sides to planning a summer staycation, but Tasha from Hello Tasha might just convert you over to the glorious sunny side.

“I love a holiday abroad, everything from the initial arriving at the airport, that excited feeling you get when you know its holiday time, the heat that first hits you when you come off the airplane, relaxing on a sandy beach, being able to jump in the ice cold pool, eating ice-cream all day and not feeling guilty, the smell of suncream, being able to learn about different cultures, exploring new places that I’ve never been to before and especially holiday dressing as theres nothing better than a summer wardrobe.”

Colour block printed maxi dress I Oriental print kimono I Yucatan print beaded bikini I Catseye sunglasses

“My holiday essentials are this kimono, this gorgeous bikini and this lovely maxi dress for the evening.”

The feeling of the heat when you walk off the plane is a personal favourite of ours too!

It certainly is a tough one.  Don’t forget to let us know what you have planned for your summer vacation this year, and don’t forget to let us see the holiday snaps (especially if you are wearing M&Co!) You can send them to us via our Facebook or Twitter page.

Shop your staycation or vacation holiday wardrobe now.


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