The Perfect Bank Holiday Weekend

The summer bank holiday is probably the most important bank holiday of the year (if the weather is nice!) and everyone likes to do something different with their day off: some of us like to take a long weekend, while others spend the day relaxing. There are many different ways to spend the bank holiday, but is there a perfect way to spend the summer bank holiday? We’ve interviewed Sherin from Hi Fashion, Christiana from Christiana Gabriella, and Wande from Wandesworld, to see how they would spend their day off—do their answers match up with your dream bank holiday?


How would you spend your perfect summer bank holiday weekend?

Sherin: I always make the most of my bank holidays and keep them as relaxed as possible so I can enjoy my day off. Most of them are spent with a bit of a lie in, a large breakfast then spending the day with family by going out shopping or to the park weather permitting.

Wande: Either catching up with friends over ice cream, or in a roof top bar nibbling on some snacks. Friends and food are usually a good combination. As I’m someone who likes to jet off spontaneously; sun sand and sea never goes a miss.

Christiana: The perfect bank holiday weekend for me would have to be an impromptu BBQ in the garden or park, invite my favourite people, whack a few bottles into the ice box, put some music on and chill out until sunset!

Do you intend to book something to do in advance, or decide on the day?

Sherin: I always plan on making a plan, but I never manage to make a proper plan, so I always make plans on the day.

Wande: I usually check the weather and have a look at what’s predicted. It it’s nice then I’ll plan a picnic or something outdoorsy, if not then I’m on the next flight out of here.

Christiana: I usually decide on the day so I can base it around the weather! If it’s a good day then we will most definitely venture out but if it’s raining then we will most likely spend the day with the sofa and Netflix.

What would be your bank holiday fashion essentials?

Sherin: When I do go out on a bank holiday, I do a lot of walking, so a comfortable pair of trainers are always my necessity.

Wande: Shorts, sandals, sunglasses and a feroda hat. You can never go wrong with those.

Christiana: My fashion essentials for the summer bank holiday would be a pair of sunglasses, a large tote handbag and a pair of flip flops!

If you could go anywhere for the bank Holiday where would you go?

Sherin: I would love to go to one of the UK’s beaches, especially during the warmer bank holidays.

Wande: Spain! Hot tanned men, sun, sea, and sand. Did I mention tanned men?

Christiana: My favourite place to go in the UK would have to be Bournemouth.. I have been there a few occasions on girlie weekends and family outings and it has always been fun.

What are the best attractions and things to do in your chosen location?

Sherin: I love going to all the funfairs and beachside casino’s at the likes of Brighton or Southend. It’s always great for a day out.

Wande: Swim, soak up some sun, enjoy ice cream, and eat good food.

Christiana: Bournemouth is best known for their beautiful sand beaches (which stretches for seven miles!). There are also beautiful gardens located in the  centre town which includes a tropical garden and rock gardens. Christchurch road has a great selection of vintage and independent shops.

How would you spend your perfect bank Holiday? Fill in our survey now and let us know!

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