Royal Style: George and Kate



A Royal Day Out

We’re pretty sure you’ll have seen the ever so cute Prince George strutting his stuff at the Festival of Polo with his mum, The Duchess of Cambridge this weekend.

Just 6 weeks after giving birth to Princess Charlotte, Kate looked incredible in a stripe top, jeans and some pumps – the perfect outfit for a fun family day out.

George was up to a bit of mischief as Kate watched on, rolling around in the grass, dancing and even trying his hand at some polo! Taking after his mum, George is already becoming a fashion icon in his own right sporting a super cute polo shirt and cardigan combo with some shorts. The perfect outfit for any mischievous tot!

1. Knitted cricked cardigan; 2. Polo t-shirt; 3. Canvas shorts; Canvas shoes; 5. Scoop neck top;6. High waisted jeans;7. Round sunglasses;8. Ballerina Pumps
Jenny Morning

Jenny Morning

Jenny is our kidswear content assistant, keeping you in the loop when it comes to trends for the little ones. After studying fashion for 5 years, she has a major shopping addiction as well as a slightly unhealthy obsession with TV show Dexter. She loves dogs (even though she doesn’t have one…yet!) and wishes she had more time to draw and paint (in between shopping trips).

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