Featured Friday Bloggers: A Blue Sky Girlie

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This week’s Featured Friday blogger is Sarah from Always a Blue Sky Girl.

We’ve spotted Sarah styling some of our pieces fabulously on her social channels and though it was time to find out a bit more…

Introduce us to your blog Sarah

My blog is called ‘Always a Blue Sky Girl’ and is a mix of fashion styling, beauty reviews, brands I love and bits about fitness, my home and family.  Its main objective to prove you can be 40+ and still look great!  Its name comes from years working in marketing and the idea of ‘blue sky thinking’ – which is having truly open minded and creative thoughts – I always want to be that kind of creative person in everything I do.

What made you decide to start blogging?

I’ve always loved fashion and worked in creative roles in the retail industry and a few years ago lost a lot of weight going from a size 20/22 to as size 10/12.  Having to buy a completely new wardrobe (even my shoes were too big) made me refocus myself and decide I should almost ‘start again’ style wise.  Friends started saying I should share some of my styling tips and outfit choices and when I turned 40 it seemed the perfect time to do it.

Where do you get your wardrobe inspiration?

I love flicking through fashion magazines and am addicted to Instagram.

If you could meet any top blogger, who would it be and why?

One of my favourites is Fashion For Lunch – she does the most amazing photos, her style is on point, loves a sweet treat and her designer bags are to die for!  She also never shows her full face or shares her name so there’s something kind of mysterious about her too!

What style are you currently obsessed with?

Novelty bags – so far I have a camera, clock, tape cassette, chocolate bar and am coveting a popcorn box and seashell next…fashion shouldn’t take itself too seriously!

What’s the one beauty product you couldn’t live without and why?

As I have long thick wavy hair Moroccan Argan Oil is a must for taming it and keeping it nourished…plus you can use it on your skin too.  As a busy mum I love a multi-tasker!

What’s your favourite piece from our current collections?
I absolutely adore the black Culotte Jumpsuit.

Culotte Jumpsuit £49

Do you prefer to shop online or in-store?

As an ex window dresser (I started my career at Harrods) and freelance Visual merchandiser and marketing consultant the in store experience is key to me.  I love to touch and feel the collections, enjoy the environment and see how store teams have put things together.  It does make you spend more though!

If you had to share one piece of fashion advice what would it be?

Regardless of your age, size or other people’s opinions, fashion is a way to create the version of yourself you want to present to the world.  Never think you have to dress a certain way. Wearing something you love can make you feel confident and all kinds of wonderful. You are a blank canvas – enjoy creating your masterpiece!

Jade Ruddy

Jade Ruddy

Content creative at M&Co adding the pretty pieces to html and keeping our social media fans in the loop. Lover of dresses, cats, rum and the Kardashians – but not always in that order.

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