Plus Size Fashion: #thisisplus

We absolutely love the new #thisisplus campaign that Katt from Curvy Cupcake has launched. Katt calls for a fair representation of bodies in the fashion industry and we want to show our support 1
for models and bloggers of all shapes and sizes.


We recently spoke to bloggers about how the fashion industry is changing the way it approaches plus size and Holly from Pretty Big Butterflies gave us her thoughts:


“I think brands are realising that there is a demand for fashionable plus size fashion. Well, there’s a demand for great fashion at every size! Being plus size doesn’t mean that I want to cover up or wear dark colours to hide. No way! I want fun, fast fashion as much as anyone.”

Victoria from Curved Opinion also gave us her insight:

“I think that the fashion industry is finally accepting that plus size women want to wear the same fashion that is available to everyone else. We want all the same 2choices and are willing to pay
for it. I think that many brands now understand the power of the plus pound”

We were also lucky enough to work with some amazing plus size bloggers for the launch of our Japanese Garden Collection. Becky, Kate, Sally and Leighanne all modelled the outfits perfectly and are proof that the plus size community are a fashionable force to be reckoned with!

Have you shared your #thisisplus snap to show your support? Tweet us your thoughts and pictures @mandco_fashion  



Jade Ruddy

Jade Ruddy

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