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Some #fitspiration for 2016

Nothing quite signals the start of the new year like the barrage of adverts promoting the latest celebrity fitness DVDs and gym equipment.

They all promise us a beach body from the comfort of our living rooms, looking nowhere near as glam as the styled celebs in our tired old gym clothes.

Depressingly, a leading professor has found that only one in ten of us will stick to our new year’s resolutions.

So if you want to get fit and healthy this year, here’s some ideas to get you started on sticking to your own personal challenge…


Look The Part

Yes we know, any excuse for shopping! And it (technically) does still help to burn calories, whether you’re walking round the shops or…

Well okay then, online shopping may not help you get fit but it can aid your mission to improve your workout wardrobe.

One of the main excuses for not exercising is having nothing to wear, so the first step to keeping fit is stocking up on comfortable clothing that can last the pace with your new regime.

Our brand new Activewear range is perfect for workouts, with stretch leggings and tops that you can mix and match, ensuring you’re not restricted to one gym look!

Starting from just £5, there really is no excuse not to have a workout wardrobe full of appealing gym clothes at the ready.


Reese Witherspoon out jogging
Go for a run like Reese Witherspoon IMAGE: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

Do What You Love

Of course exercising isn’t the way most of us would like to spend our spare time, but if it’s more of a chore than an activity then you’ll find a million excuses not to do it.

Working our bodies doesn’t have to be torturous so find an activity that you can tolerate and, dare we say, enjoy.

You might just have a new hobby that’s better for you than other less-healthy things we like to enjoy in life!


Try Something New

Another top reason people abandon their new year’s resolutions before the end of January is boredom.

The repetitive nature of working out to the same DVD or using the same machines at the gym is enough to have even the best-intentioned of us feigning injury on a cold winter night.

Mix it up a bit and attend a new class at your local gym or try varying your cycling/walking routes.

Try cycling in the better weather or taking the dog for longer walks


Enjoy Your ‘Me’ Time

Not all exercise is about putting your body through a gruelling workout session.  Some activities, like yoga and swimming, can help you to relax after a hard day’s work at the office or home.

Once you start to look forward to your exercise time, it won’t seem like such a chore and you’ll enjoy the relaxed feeling you have afterwards.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Startraks Photo/REX/Shutterstock (2718610f) Kris Jenner 'Kris' TV Show, Los Angeles, America - 24 Jul 2013
Copy Kris with a relaxing yoga session. IMAGE: Startraks Photo/REX/Shutterstock

Get Social

While some people prefer to focus on their workout alone, it can help if you have a friend that’s interested in improving their fitness too.

You can motivate each other while catching up on what’s been going on with work/the kids/your favourite soap.

And it’s much harder to to take a rain check on an exercise class when the other person is relying on you for company!

Miss Fitness, Davina, shows power in numbers. IMAGE: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

Every Little Helps

But you’ve not got time for this, we hear you say! We feel your pain – not everyone has the luxury of being able to attend a class or gym session regularly.

So you just have to get creative about incorporating exercise into your everyday life.

Got kids? Try some power walking with a pushchair or get into the habit of a weekly family walk around the nearest park.

If your 9-5 consumes most of your time, think about ways you can add some exercise into your day.

Getting off at the bus or train stop before your destination adds some walking into your commute but if you’re pushed for time you can always go for a lunchtime walk or take the stairs rather than the lift.

Be a super mum like Gwen Stefani and get the kids involved. IMAGE: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

Be Kind To Yourself

No one said it was going to be easy, so refrain from beating yourself up if you fall off the wagon or don’t see the results straight away.

Remember that everyone is different and you’ll be happiest when you stop comparing yourself to others.

Focus on what you have achieved so far and you’ll start to believe you can achieve even more.

And once you do start seeing the results you’re happy with, it’s time to reward yourself for getting this far!

Pamper yourself with a spa session to soothe tired post-workout muscles or treat yourself to a new dress that fits the new you perfectly.


For the chance to WIN an outfit from our activewear range head over to our Facebook or Twitter page and tell us your top fitness tip!

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