Style Advice: Faux Fur Coat Care

Make your faux fur coat last forever

A winter style classic, the faux fur coat is a chic and animal-friendly alternative to real fur, but how do you keep your investment piece in top condition through harsh winter seasons?

We asked some fashion savvy bloggers, and faux fur coat experts, to style one of our faux fur coats and give us some tips on how to look after them.

Steph from Priceless Life of Mine has always loved faux fur, so she jumped at the chance to be a part of our style challenge. She chose our knee length Winter White Faux Fur Jacket. She loved how great a fit it was for her petite size.


“I don’t think you can go wrong with a faux fur coat like this as you can wear it over that little black dress to add a bit of sophistication or pair it with jeans for a more casual vibe. I’m wearing it with my black jeans and boots and feel totally comfortable. I love this coat so much, I don’t want to take it off!”

Steph’s top tips for faux fur coat care are:

  1. Always hang your faux fur on a coat hanger to help keep its shape
  2. If it gets a bit squished hanging between other garments, give it a good shake to bring it back to life
  3. Always follow the wash instructions on the label. Most will be specialist dry clean but you could spot wash and air dry in an emergency!

Chantelle from The Girl in the Tartan Scarf chose to style our Mid Length Faux Fur Jacket.



“How to brighten up hump day – leather and faux fur. There’s something about this combination that I just love. It’s just the epitome of chic on a cold winter day.”

Chantelle’s top tips for faux fur coat care:

  1. Try your best not to get it wet because it ends up ruining the fibres (or always carry an umbrella if you live in Scotland, ha!)
  2. If it does get wet, I always try and smooth down the fur in the direction that it falls so that it dries back into shape and keeps smooth
  3. I also use a little clothes brush or soft dry cloth to get rid of any dust or dirt that falls on it and I also try not to carry a heavy handbag on my shoulder because it wears down the fur!

Lyndsay from Fizzy Peaches celebrated her 30th birthday recently and wanted to really make a statement with a glamorous 1950s look. We helped give her outfit the finishing touch with one of our Faux Fur Coats.Fizzy Peaches2

“I styled my outfit with a touch of sparkle and wore thick black tights with my trusty suede heels.”

Lyndsay’s top tips for faux fur coat care:

  1. Spot wash places if need be, you want to clean your faux fur as little as possible. Two or three times a year with heavy use.
  2. Be careful that your clothing doesn’t snag the inner lining. Buckles and sequins are particularly lethal.
  3. Sun will fade both the lining and fur therefore be sure to store away when not in use in a cupboard or wardrobe away from windows

Jen from Tartan Brunette lives just outside Edinburgh and wanted a piece she could style for a casual pub lunch or a day out shopping. She chose our Multi Faux Fur Gilet to style in her post.


“The faux fur gilet really pulls this look together adding a little glamour to such a basic dress.”

What are your faux fur care tips? Tweet us your thoughts and pictures to @mandco_fashion 

Jade Ruddy

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