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What to wear to Wimbledon

You know it’s finally summer when the sun shines on SW19 just in time for the start of Wimbledon.

Along with strawberries and cream (and the occasional Pimms), an all-white outfit is the perfect accompaniment to a game of tennis, whether you’re spectating from home or centre courtside.

But before you say game, set, match on your outfit, check out the looks from last year’s tournament for some Wimbledon style inspiration…

White Hot

Far from cliched, an all-white ensemble ensures you look the part at Wimbledon.

Take your cue from Kim Sears Murray with a textured white A-line dress and monochrome accessories.

Rosamund Pike opted for a clean cut sleeveless collared dress at last year’s tournament, with oversized sunglasses completing her ever so elegant look.

White Wimbledon Style
From L to R: White Slider Sandals // Lace Clutch Bag // White Denim Jacket // Bubble Hem Top // White Jeggings // Mesh Necklace // Broderie Shift Dress

Monochrome Match

Printed monochrome was the style of choice for Pippa Middleton and Jada Pinkett Smith.

A clean black and white outfit paired with matching accessories is a perfect summery alternative to all-white and bold brights.

Monochrome Wimbledon Style
From L to R: Monochrome Spot Dress // Wedged Sandals // Scallop Hem Dress // White Longline Tshirt // Cat Eye Sunglasses // Striped Jumper // Black Jersey Culottes // Tassel Rope Necklace

Strawberries & Cream

Add a touch of summer colour to your Wimbledon look with bright shades of strawberry red.

Paired with ivory and cream, you’ll look as luscious as seasoned courtside style icons Kate Middleton and Kim Sears Murray.

Red Wimbledon Style
From L to R: Large Shopper Bag // Enamel Floral Earrings // Enamel Floral Necklace // Red Striped Tshirt // White Broderie Jacket // Red Shift Dress // Diamante Sandals // White Twill Skirt // Red Polka Dot Vest

Wimbledon Essentials

– If you’re wearing a white dress, make sure you take a picnic blanket or dark coloured cover-up to avoid grass stains while sitting on Murray Mound

– Oversized sunglasses ensure you’re able to keep up with the tennis without squinting at the sun

– You’ll underestimate the amount of walking you do on a visit to Wimbledon so flat shoes or comfortable wedges are a must

– Don’t forget a rain jacket and umbrella! It may be summer time, but here in Britain that doesn’t always mean sunshine

– If it is sunny however, and you’re watching from Murray Mound, we suggest packing a pitcher for Pimms or a cool carrier for wine to enjoy a drink whilst you watch

Wimbledon Style Essentials
L to R: Striped Wine Carrier // Tropical Cool Bag // Pitcher with Stacked Tumblers // Blue Striped Blanket // Tropical Striped Picnic Blanket
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