Measure Up: Bra Fitting Guide

bra fitting guide

Find a bra that fits with our bra fitting guide

Updating your lingerie should be a fun shopping trip, but do you really know what bra size you are?

As our bodies change in shape and size over the years, it’s important to regularly measure up or get professionally fitted for a bra before investing in new lingerie.

A good-fitting bra can work wonders for your figure, allowing clothes to fit and flatter your shape in addition to providing necessary support and maximum comfort.

Read our bra fitting guide to find a bra that fits…

Bra sizes explained

Your bra size is made up of two important elements: the band size and the cup size. The band size relates to the size of your rib cage (measured numerically) and the cup size relates to the size of your breasts (measured alphabetically).

Despite what you may think, cup size does not actually represent the volume of your breasts. It represents how much bigger they are than the rib cage and it is important to understand that your breasts cannot be measured on cup size alone.

You may have noticed your cup size changing each time you go up or down a back size. This is because the two are directly related. Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that, if you change the band size of your bra, you should change the cup size accordingly.

Find your bra band size

bra fitting guide

A comfortable band or back size measurement will ensure your bra stays put without digging into your back or underbust.

Your new bra should fit snugly around your body while providing the correct amount of support. We say it should feel firm yet comfortable.

The band at the back should be horizontal and not arch or ride up your back. If it does, we suggest going down a size.

Make sure your new bra feels comfortable on the middle hook when you buy it. This will allow you to wear it tighter or looser during its lifetime.

Find your bra cup size

bra fitting guide

The perfect cup size should hold your breasts securely and comfortably with no bulging or gaping at the top.

Once the bra has been adjusted, make sure the wiring feels completely comfortable and is flat against your body.

If the wiring is standing away from your chest this suggests your cup size is too small, so try going up a size.

View our handy bra size calculator for guidelines on how to measure your cup and back size.

Do you have a correct fitting bra?

If you can happily check off the four points below in our bra size checklist, we think you’ve found the perfect fit.

  1. The cup of the bra fits snugly with no bulging or gaping at the top.
  2. The wires at the front lie against your breast bone between your breasts.
  3. The band around your body is firm but comfortable and is sitting horizontally across your back.
  4. The straps are sitting vertically straight and are comfortable.

Now you know how to find your perfect bra size, it’s time to go shopping!

From plunge and padded to lace and balcony, we have a luxurious selection of women’s bras and new season lingerie to stock up your underwear drawer in style.

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