5 Minutes With Kate Garraway

5 minutes with kate garraway
Kate Garraway behind the scenes at the Kite & Cosmic photo shoot

Morning TV presenter, radio DJ and I CAN charity ambassador, Kate Garraway is a modern day super-mum.

Having recently collaborated with her on our latest kidswear collection, Kite & Cosmic sold in aid of I CAN to raise awareness and funds for the children’s charity, we were excited to grab five minutes with Kate to find out a little bit more about her busy lifestyle.

Read on to find out Kate’s morning routine, fashion favourites and beauty must-haves…

M&Co: What’s your morning routine?

Kate: When I’m working on Good Morning Britain the alarm goes off at 2.15am – which, even after all these years, still comes as a shock to the system!

I stagger to the shower and try to wake myself up. I always lay out some clothes to chuck on the night before, I usually try to pick the softest, comfiest options.

I am lucky because all my formal ITV on-air dresses are kept at work, so I can think about that when I get in.

I then hop in a taxi and read through the papers and briefs on the subjects we are covering in the show on the way in, so when I arrive I feel fully  up to speed.

We have a breakfast trolley in the newsroom so I make myself a strong builders brew and grab some food.

Then head into our 4am meeting with the editor and other presenters to talk through the show.

M: The best thing about your job is…

K: The people – both the fantastic GMB team, who make everything a laugh even at that time in the morning, and the brilliant guests on the show.

Whether they are glamorous A-listers, politicians or purely “ordinary” extraordinary people faced with often deeply challenging circumstances, they make the job worthwhile.

M: Who’s the most famous/best person you’ve interviewed?

K: Goodness that’s a tough one as I’ve been lucky enough to meet lots of famous and successful people over the last, almost 20 years in breakfast TV.

Tom Hanks stands out as being utterly charming, down to earth and great fun.

Also Renee Zellweger, who I have interviewed several times over the years. She is so nice and interested in everyone around her being happy.

Last summer she came and worked partly undercover in the GMB newsroom, as her role in Bridget Jones’s Baby was as a live news producer. She fitted in brilliantly with the team and was very “un-starry”.

I was also lucky enough to spend a few days with her onset of filming the newest Bridget Jones and she is exactly the same with her own team.

M: Who are your style icons?

K: Audrey Hepburn takes some beating – that classic, apparently-effortless chic.

I also think Jennifer Aniston rarely gets it wrong. When I’m trying unusual things on I often think “Would Jennifer Aniston wear this?”. It stops me wearing anything too wacky for my age.

I also think Amal Clooney looks fab. Not easy being thrust into the limelight as the new wife of the famously most eligible bachelor in the world, but she always seems to pull off a very stylish, elegant look.

Of course she is as lean as a whippet so clothes hang well and she appears to have thousands of pounds of designer clothes in her wardrobe, so these things can’t hurt!

But on top of that she has an extra bit of style, which comes across that she is her own woman and not just a clothes horse attachment to George – which I like.

M: What’s the one item in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

K: I’m afraid it’s my control underwear! Not the most glamorous but they really help to make you look and feel fabulous!

When you find a shape and style that suits you it can smooth out all the lumps and lines that we all have.

I like the satiny all in ones, with straps, that sit under the bra and go down to trunks on the legs – as I say not glam!

They really smooth out your silhouette making bargain dresses made of thinner fabric look more expensive.

Also I’m always cold so they act as an extra cosy layer, which is a bonus too!

M: If you could give us one piece of fashion advice it would be…

K: Be comfortable! It’s possible to put up with excruciating shoes or too tight dresses for a photo or when you trying things on in the bedroom.

But try it for a whole day or evening and it starts to cramp your style, and there is nothing sexier than someone with a spring in their step who looks ready to have fun!

Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you – that’s what I say!

M: What’s your beauty must-have?

K: Moisturiser – lashings of it. Cheap or luxury just slap it on by the bucket is my motto!

M: What songs are on your Desert Island playlist? 

K: I am so lucky I get to play most of them every day on my Smooth Radio show, so if you tune in between 10am-1pm you can join me on a desert island!

I would probably also throw in some Radiohead and some old school soft punk like SLF or Crass, which I certainly don’t get to play on Smooth!

M: Favourite place to go holiday?

K: Padstow in Cornwall – I go there every year with my family.

We love mucking about on the beach and splashing about in the waves.

And eating fish and chips sitting on the harbour wall beats any fancy restaurant I have ever been to!

M: How do you like to spend your free time?

K: Relaxing with my family, I am also a film obsessive so love going to the cinema whenever I can!

M: Why did you choose to work with I CAN charity?

K: Since I have been working with children’s communication charity I CAN, I have seen them make a difference to so many children’s lives.

Despite being around since the 1850s, too few people know about the amazing work the charity does. A lifesaver for such deserving youngsters.

Kite & Cosmic, created in collaboration with Kate Garraway and sold in aid of I CAN to raise awareness and funds for the children’s charity, is online and in-store now!

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