M&Co Activewear: Training Zone

Training Zone M&Co Activewear

Make a healthy change for 2017

Kick start the new year in style with our brand new activewear collection: Training Zone. Featuring comfortable and colourful designs for both men and women, Training Zone is the stylish update your new year wardrobe needs.

“Healthy minds equal healthy vibes! We at M&Co want to encourage our customers to stay fit, healthy and active whilst being stylish and comfortable!”
Christina Butcher – Senior Merchandiser

When it comes to getting active, we believe that if you look the part, you feel the part. So, whether you’re hitting the spin bike or the supermarket, throw on some new gym wear and make Training Zone your go-to collection for 2017!

Womens M&Co Activewear Training Zone

Women’s Activewear

Filled with bright colours and bold prints, the women’s activewear collection is perfect for partaking in almost any activity. Whether your a regular gym bunny or simply need some stylish dog walking attire, there’s something suited to all types of lifestyle.

Designed using soft, stretch fabrics in a colour palette of pink, grey and black, Training Zone perfectly combines fashion, functionality and comfort.

“The range offers something for everyone from the runner to the dog walker, a mix of comfortable, modern tops and bottoms with a choice of layering pieces.”
Sarah Dowling – Assistant Buyer

From colour block t-shirts and slogan tops to stylish leggings and jackets, the range offers a wide selection of trendy options for those ready to make a change in 2017!

Men’s Activewear

Think bright colours and bold detailing, the men’s activewear collection is filled with pieces perfect for any type of workout. From high quality zip jackets to lightweight tops and running shorts, this easy-to-wear fitness range is exactly what he needs to kick off 2017 in style.

 “Getting active is not only good for your health it’s also great for your confidence when you feel stylish during exercise.  M&Co offers a range that is stylish but comfortable at the same time!!”
Candice Blakeman – Activewear Buyer

Featuring trendy mix and match options, the men’s Training Zone collection is not only perfect for fitness activities, it’s also a great alternative for everyday wear!

The #MakeAChange challenge

With a New Year comes an array of new (hard to keep) resolutions. From keeping fit to dropping a dress size, the list of 2017 goals could go on forever. This year, we want to inspire you to make even the simplest of healthy changes.

Our #MakeAChange challenge highlights the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating a positive change into our busy lives.

So, whether it’s joining a Zumba class with friends or simply taking the stairs, we want to help encourage you to do something great for your body and mind in 2017.

Visit the #MakeAChange Challenge information page for details on how you can get involved today!

Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson

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