Behind The Scenes: M&Co SS17 TV Advert

Behind The Scenes M&Co SS17 Tv Advert

A sneak peek behind the scenes of the M&Co SS17 TV Advert

We’re giving you a backstage pass behind the scenes of the latest M&Co SS17 TV advert!

It was all lights, camera, action on set as our beautiful model, Lauren, danced around to It Ain’t What You Do by Bananarama, showcasing ten summer-ready looks.

The advert featured must-have new season fashion, perfect for summer 2017.

After months of planning and over two days in the studio, the concept of fresh summer fashion for all occasions came to life and hit the screens for just over three weeks.

Check out the TV advert here if you didn’t catch it while it was on.


We interviewed our fabulous Marketing Co-ordinator, Ailie Pollock, for a deeper insight into what it’s really like creating a successful summer TV ad…

M&Co: How did you come up with the idea for the new M&Co TV advert?

Ailie: We wanted a fresh, energetic and fun ad that provided a clean platform to showcase the broad range of our new SS17 collections.

Our Head of Buying presented the SS17 range, where colour played a big part across the collections, so colour was an amazing theme for me to take forward and research studio background schemes, as well as create moodboards for our agency to work with.

M: Why did you choose the soundtrack?

A: We wanted to pick a song that our target customer would have loved when she was 16, so we had a lot of fun listening to ’80s tracks and selecting the best fit for our ‘fun movement’ concept, as well as what would be a great fit for our brand.

Bananarama’s song provided the perfect soundtrack to summer at M&Co, as our brand and customer values are all about personal style – “It’s how you wear it that gets results!”

M: How long did it take to shoot the advert?

A: We had one day for set-up and rehearsal, followed by one day of filming

M: What kind of challenges do you face during filming?

A: Timing is always critical, making sure you stay on time and that you are always thinking of the brief, so you achieve what you set out to at the end of the day.

You also need to allow a bit of creative license with your crew to get the best results, so it can be a challenge to get the right balance.

M: What is the best part of creating a TV advert?

A: Receiving great feedback from our customers once the TV ad has launched. It’s lovely to hear when our customers love the advert, as they are the most important factor in the whole process!

M: How you keep comfy through a full day of shooting?

A: The three Ts – Trainers, T-shirt, Trousers. No matter the TV crew, they will always turn up in head-to-toe black so they must be on to something there. And never underestimate the power of sugar and caffeine to keep everyone’s energy levels up in the afternoon!

M: What is the most important thing to consider when shooting a TV advert?

A: Our customer and the resulting brief; from art direction to the agreed outfits. Your timing is really crucial too – so sorry, that’s three!

M: How do you select the outfits for the ad?

A: We love to showcase our hero pieces each season, so you will find our “wow” product in the advertising. We also have planning meetings with our buyers to discuss what will be available within the timescales of our ad schedule, so styling is important to ensure an outfit will be available at the same time for our customer.

M: What is your favourite look from the new advert and why?

A: I love outfits across all three colour stories as there are so many versatile pieces, but I do have a soft spot for our Poppy Print Frill Dress – it’s feminine, elegant and so easy to wear.

I will definitely be buying the Rose Gold Leather Sliders too before they get snapped up. These sliders in both the rose gold and leopard print are a firm favourite with the marketing team already!

M: What do you prefer: spring/summer fashion or autumn/winter fashion?

A: I love layering so if you’re making me choose I would say autumn/winter, but saying that, it was a great feeling to wear sandals for the first time this spring…!

Check out the M&Co SS17 TV advert and show us how you wear it on social media #MyMandco

Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson

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