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back to uni checklist
Give your dorm room a makeover with our back to uni essentials

Whether you’re a fresher flying the nest or you’re taking on student life for the third year in a row, heading back to university can prove a daunting task.

In order to help relieve some stress, we’ve put together a handy uni checklist to help you start the new academic year in style.

Make sure your student halls is a home away from home and get set for student life with our collection of university essentials.

1. Student bedding

New bedding is a must for moving into your new uni pad, so be sure to stock up on soft cotton sheets, pillowcases and duvet sets. We have a wide selection of bedroom essentials in various prints and colours to suit all styles. Our bursary-friendly duvets and pillows are perfect for keeping comfy and cosy after a long day in the library.

Top tip: Be sure to check which size of bed will be in your dorm before purchasing any bedding.

2. Alarm clock for early rises

Essential for making lectures and classes on time. Between the late night study sessions and student nights out, a trusty alarm clock is exactly the wake up call you’ll need during your time at university.

Back to uni essentials
Stripe Duvet Set // Faux Fur Cushion // Textured Blue Cushion // Isle of Skye Candle  // Elephant Single Hook // Peach Soft Pillows // Hanging Photo Frame // Anti-Allergy Duvet // Elephant Fleece Throw

3. Dorm decor

Fill frames with photographs and hang decorative accessories to keep your room feeling homely and personal. Cushions and throws are great for adding a touch of personal style to your dorm.

4. Home sweet home

Mum isn’t around to keep your bedroom looking and smelling clean anymore. Most university halls don’t allow you to light candles, so be sure to stock up on scented sachets and fragrance diffusers to keep your dorm smelling fresh.

Back to uni essentials
Grey Pedestal // Striped Border Towels // Reed Diffuser // Sea Urchin Candle Holder // Green Bath Towel // Grey Hand Towel // White Facecloth //Tealight Candles

5. Fresh towels

Make sure you also stock up on soft cotton towels for your new home away from home. We have a wide selection of vibrant and neutral colours to suit your style, with matching pedestal and bath mats also available.

6. Bathroom accessories

Use wicker baskets to keep your toiletries in order and your bathroom clutter-free. A decorative hook is perfect for hanging up towels and bathrobes when not in use.

Top tip: If you’re sharing a bathroom, use a wicker basket to keep your toiletries together. It’s also handy for carrying shower essentials to and from the bathroom. 

8. Cooking essentials

Now we know cooking isn’t high on your list of things to do whilst at university, but it’s always good to be prepared if you end up getting sick of takeaways and microwave meals.

Oven mitts and aprons are essential for cooking and fresh, clean tea towels are a must for washing up. Your uni will most likely stock the kitchen with basics. so items like corkscrews and bottle openers are always handy to pack (your new flatmates will thank you later).

Top tip: Purchase a mini fridge for your dorm to store food essentials. It’s great if you’re in the zone studying and don’t feel like leaving your room to grab a cold drink or snack. 

Feeling a bit more relaxed now? Tick off your uni checklist and start your student shop today with our collection of back to uni essentials.

We also have a helpful back to university buying guide, if you need a little more guidance.


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